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Marcus Dupuis  Photographer
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About Marcus
My passion for photography is something that I have never been able to ignore. As a photographer, the attention to detail in our daily
lives is elevated. Our surroundings are noticed with this heightened awareness. More elements of our world get noticed. It is like
savouring a fine dessert rather than wolfing it down. Taking the time to smell the flowers.
My photographic journey started when I was in high school where many photos were taken for the school newspaper and for the
year book and I learned darkroom techniques. Later I went on to study with Jeremy Addington at Selkirk College in
British Columbia.
The next phase was as a world traveller shooting Kodachrome slide film. My work was considered by National Geographic in the
80s, however at the time I was too young. We stayed in contact but then came the digital revolution. That was a complicated
transition and i tooksome time away from photography. I have since returned and embraced the digital technology.
Not much has changed really. All the elements that make a good photograph remain the same...
framing, perspective, lighting… and of course subject matter!
I now live in Canmore, Alberta, in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. One of my greatest challenges in choosing a
community in which to live, is that I love so many parts of the world. I chose to live in the Rockies because I find the mountains very
motivating and inspiring. The Calgary International Airport is my access point to the world. I am ready to go wherever I am needed
. I have travelled extensively through the past 30 years and I welcome nothing more than a photographic