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Marcus Dupuis  Photographer
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Profile Photographic Services
At Profile Photographic we are proud to offer beautiful photographic prints of the highest quality.
We offer every form of photographic media to our Clients. Photos can be delivered in the popular
.jpeg file as well as the larger TIFF and RAW formats. Whatever the requirement we can deliver it
to your graphics
or promotions department. We also have FTP sites for extremely large transfers over the
We offer all types of printed as well as digital mediums:
*   Large glossy prints which deliver a high impact to the viewer in an office environment
   or building lobbies and entrance areas.
*   anvas prints that can feel like a painting (depending on the subject matter)
*   Laminations on to stainless steel or aluminum
*   Laminations on to a wide variety of material. If you have a special application please
    call us.
*   Poster layouts… along with printing services
*   Power Point presentations for sales presentations
*   ebsite slide show presentation formats
 Call Marcus at 403-679-1919                  or email