Profile Photographic Marcus Dupuis  Photographer Copyright © 2010 Marcus Dupuis t: 403-679-1919   e: w: Unleash the Power of Zoner Photo Studio What you can do with Zoner : Using Zoner Photo Studio has been a gradual process of discovery. Every time i needed a new function in my photo editing software i would find it already in Zoner Photo. All the normal or expected functions for editing photos are available, however the program goes much further as it can become your Browser/Organizer as well. From moving files around to renaming, reformatting, E-mailing... This is an all inclusive program that has improved my work flow tremendously. I highly recommend it !!! What Zoner Photo can do: * Zoner offers all the editing abilities of major photo editing programs plus many extras! * Use Zoner as your Browser * Excellent Image Viewer integrated with Windows * Quality Image Viewer on black background * Quick path from viewing to editing * RAW processing in an instant * Stitching Panoramas * Create Slideshows * Move around your files with ease and clarity * Open multiple windows * Very clear functions... You can’t get lost with Zoner !!!